About Us

"Earn Money Effortlessly With Just Ice Free - Standing Ice Vending Machines."

- Tim Maxwell, Max Mfg.

Simplifying The Way The World Buys Ice

Just Ice is manufactured in Pelham, Georgia by Max Manufacturing. The moment we  recognized the massive opportunity in the ice vending business, our first thoughts were, "This is HUGE!"

When we decided to enter this amazing industry back in 2007, we had two things in mind:

The ice consumer and the Just Ice business owner.


We knew that as long as we built a machine that was the highest in quality and also provided a staple product to communities, we could play a roll in one of the fastest growing business opportunities of today!

Our entire process from initial design through to product delivery is centered around ease of doing business and consumer satisfaction. That is why Just Ice has been a success so far.  You as the business owner enjoys a profitable passive income and your customers enjoy an abundance of fresh ice - for less than they'd spend at the supermarket or convenience store!

Just The Ice Hard Facts!

Only 3 moving parts. Thats all our patented Just Ice machine needs to churn out 700 bags of ice in 24 hours!

16-lb. bags vs. 7-lb bags. Just Ice machines manufacture, store, bag and dispense purified ice (and water) in bigger bags for less money. A great value, pure and simple.

Multi-Vending. Easy-to-follow instructions on an LCD panel makes it easy for customers to order multiple bags or a combination of ice and water all at once with cash or credit card.

On-Site Construction. Units can be delivered completely constructed or built at the same location to accommodate problem zoning areas.

Top Industry Warranty. On the ice maker, motor, and compressor.

No employees required. What can be simpler than that?